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$20 Referral Bonus

Dellstone is offering 20 dollar referral bonuses for every customer you refer to Dellstone for any type of business. As long as we can do business with your referral we will pay you after we turn in the project. Feel free to refer you friends to us!

How to take a picture on any iPhone

This tutorial shows the simple steps to take a picture on any iPhone device 1) Tap on the camera icon on your phone 2) Tap in the red button, you can adjust the settings from camera to video and more

How to reset and erase iPhone

Hard Reset iPhone XR

This article shows how to hard reset and iPhone XR and it works for most iPhones, just follow the instructions below: 1) Tap Settings 2) Scroll down to general 3) Scroll down to reset 4) Tap erase all content and settings 5) Follow prompts Please note that this will erase everything on your phone, I …